AFM FX Show – Emotions No.1 Killer in Forex Trading


How do you handle emotions in Forex professionally?

What works in real life, what doesn’t?

This series in Asiaforexmentor Forex Show, Ezekiel Chew talks about Emotions.

How he deals with handling emotions in forex trading and what works behind the scene.


9 Responses
  1. Adrian Reply

    Emotions is something that screws me up at times. There are times where i will be too emotionally attached to a trade and overloads the trade.

    Let me know how should i fix this sort of pattern that seems to keep reoccurring.

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi Adrian, thank you for sharing on how emotions affect your trading. Will cover your question in the next series.

  2. David Mutai Reply

    In the event I get attached to a trade that leads to opening or adding more should stop and think that if other traders could be doing the same and that will stagnate any movement for a longtime.
    Fx business is a matter of graduations of currencies as a result of economic ,political statements across the globe.
    Never should you allow attachment of a trade because simply it will not affect your reasoning as scroll for news/data.
    Thank you .

  3. Nicky Reply

    Seems like you were speaking to me:-) New to trading, winning has messed me up and so has losing. I need a system I can trust that is consistent re wins and losses. I get tripped up running behind every trade to make money instead of relaxing and looking for the right trade setups – not really sure how to analyse re confluence. Seems easier to read and look at it on a video. In live mode, it gets ahead of me and I feel a maddening pace to just take a trade…not a good move. In essence, I need to build my confidence at this point. I think a system will help. What do you think? What would you suggest for my bag of curve balls?

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi Nicky, it’s absolutely important to have self awareness when you trade. And knowing that winning and losing messes us up.
      I’ll address this in the next series. Cheers

  4. Yussra Yusoff Reply

    I found that only with strict discipline, well define rules and backtesting it that would help control either rookie or experience trader’s emotion.

  5. Marc Reply

    Great to know you have this new platform “AFM FX Show”. Will definitely help us to understand Forex trading better. Thank You!

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