Forex Trading Strategies – Using Correlated pairs ($100K PROFIT)


Learn this important Forex trading strategies | Strategy – Correlated pairs. This video shows how I made $100K Profit with correlated forex pairs.

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Trading and learning how to use correlated forex pairs are extremely vital in successful forex trading. This is a simple forex trading day strategy that works. They are part of the whole forex trading strategies and system that you need to incorporate in your trading.

It’s important to look at the related pairs when you trade forex to check for their support and rejection levels, which pairs are likely to move more and which pairs should you avoid or skip the trade altogether.

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  1. Marcelo Reply

    Here’s hoping for a successful trading.

  2. Amu Reply

    For successful trading

  3. Ke Reply

    Dear Ezekiel Chew sifu,

    I was one of your student that bought your CD, started to practise with the 1:1.5R trades. I love it so much. I have traded, still not making money yet, hopefully continue to do so for a few months show some good results.

    I would hope to request a forum or a place for us to share our trades so that we can correct each other with other students… it’s good for us to identify which trade that we have done wrong.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


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