How to Trade Forex Successfully (The 1 Main Key)


How to trade forex successfully? – This forex trading video covers the real reason, the real way, the 1 main key for forex traders to succeed in forex trading.

Asiaforexmentor FX Show is hosted by Ezekiel Chew –

This episode talks about how forex traders are actually doing all the opposite things that a successful forex trader will do. Traders that don’t find success are catching the “peanuts” while successful forex traders are catching the abalone!

In order to trade forex successfully, it’s more than having the right forex trading strategies. It’s all about the big picture, the 1 main key. When you get that forex trading mindset right, YOU WILL TRADE DIFFERENTLY.

Whether you are trading forex for beginners, finding forex winning strategies, looking for the best forex trading tips or forex secrets. Be it trading one forex pair or multiple, if you want to learn how to trade forex successfully. This is the main key.

Ezekiel Chew is a professional forex trader and the founder of Asia’s leading forex education & training academy – Asia Forex Mentor.

He is frequently consulted by banks and trading institutions for his forex trading expertise.

Thousands of students have benefited and profited from his lifestyle trading method where he tunes forex trading to his lifestyle and not his life around forex trading.

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  1. Chodnarin Wattanapong Reply

    It’s a good tip. I like it. Kindly give some tips for trading in smaller time frame especially H1, how to enter and exit effectively?

    Thank you,

  2. Ace Reply

    Very insightful n spot on for beginner like me who goes for small win n lose in a big way. Thanks for the reminder on the risk reward ratio n looking forward to hear fm u next week. Thanks.

  3. Edy fanani Reply

    Your advis ia very useful. Thanks Mr. Ezekiel

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