I personally use the 365 and the 150 exponential moving average.  They both are very important moving average to be placed in any traders chart.

I will explain how to use them in our members section. Indicators as i mention i rarely use them. However i would like to explain something that most people who use indicators but do not know this fact.

Indicators are categorise into 2 categories.

– Trend following indicators

 – oscillating indicators

 The name explains it.  Use trend following indicators when the pair is trending up or down. Use oscillating indicators when trading in range.

With this said, now you will understand why indicators do mislead people. As they are using them in the wrong way. I personally stop using indicators as i mention all indicators are lagging indicators. which is why 95% of traders lose money.

The indicators which i keep on my chart are the OSMA and the RSI. However i use them only for divergence purposes. do a google on divergence and you will understand it within mins, therefore i will not explain it here.

Fibonaci retracements and extensions plays a large part in our trading and next will be support and resistance, price pivot. In our members section, i will show you how simple it is to know where price is going and why it stops there. It is very understandable and soon you will know that the market do not move unrealistically. Every market move is explainable.

Once you understand this, i assure you. Your account size will start growing. If you are still unsure of how truthful in any part of the words i have said, or you have any enquiry before being a member of our Asia Forex trading club.

 Do drop me an email and i will answer your enquiry.



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