Lets look at more Forex Trading Strategies at Asia Forex Mentor Online Forex Trading Course
Forex Trading: Eur Cad Pair
In this video, you will learn how we trade using the following strategies
– Price Pivot
– Double Bottom
– Top down approach
– Price Action
– Divergence
– Confluence
And A WHOPPING Risk Reward ratio of More than 1:10 !!!

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7 Responses
  1. Ethan Reply

    Thanks. It is a brilliant trade. By the way, why the bar is pin bar in one hour timeframe? It does not quite look like a pin bar. Thanks.

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi Ethan,
      The bar may not be the nicest pin bar of all but its still a pin. And as you see when things (confluence) are compiling up all together. We have to take our chances. when a bar like that pops up at such a fine location.

  2. Jimmy Reply


    Correct me if I am wrong. So for a high timeframe chart, the Pin Bar is usually more obvious as when compared to those short time frame chart. For example, weekly vs hourly.


    • Ezekiel Reply


      No, as a matter of fact our defination of pin bar is the same. Regardless of timeframe.
      In fact, the lower the timeframe – there will be more pin bars out there for you to choose. Therefore not all pin bar works.
      So we choose the best one. The reason as to why we took this pin bar in this trade is because of all the confluence that staked into the trade. And it has a high probability of working even though the pin wasn’t that fantastic. Hope it clears.


  3. João Rodrigues Reply

    Tanks, is this kind of trading that I like, thanks again.

  4. Thom Reply

    I have found your video very informative. Thank you for posting it. I do not have a “Facebook” account; but you can add one more “like” to the count.

  5. Jackson Reply

    Hi Ezekiel,

    As mentioned in the video, one of the setup was that the chart is showing a Double Bottom but your recommended entry was at the 2nd Low where the pivot area is, if that is the case, at the point of your entry, am I right to say that you should not know the price will emerge as a Double Bottom later on? hence it should not count as a setup?

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