Recap on the previous post for pair eur usd

Check this out guys! Is forex trading a guessing game? can we predict where price is going? Forex trading will never be a suprise again.

Eur usd update:

eurusd update
Update from the previous post. Price hit the Price pivot at the bottom to head up. Where did it go? it went up to the 365, tested as resistance for a while then heads up to the fibonacci retracement at 23.6 . that is also a confluence with a price pivot which i did not draw. it acted as a strong resistance to head back down to the 365 ema.

Forex trading is not difficult once you understand how things works. Look, all these while we have been trading naked with no indicators at all! This is how powerful our system is!

Guys, do note i will not be posting very often on this blog. I really want you guys to learn from my experience, in our private group. We discuss live trades everyday, this is where we are really active.

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