Forex Price Action Trading Strategies
Pls read the previous post first before reading this.
On the last post, we did a breakout trade pending order sell / buy limit.The sell trade triggered and thus we closed the buy pending order.

As it happens almost all the time as i have mentioned, when price range for a long time in an consolidated area.
It will finally breakout into some nice trending move.

We caught the sell trade and we have taken either Full or Partial profit at the confluence of the 150 moving average and the 365 moving average.

Remember what i always said about giving price some leeway, therefore we would have placed out take profit area slightly above the 150 moving average.

108 PIPS! Not bad…

I do not like to post live charts often as i do not want you guys to rely on me by following my signals.
I really want you to learn how to trade on your own. This is how you can make forex a VERY GOOD LIVING!

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  1. Jeremy Redondo Reply

    Hello Ezekiel,
    I just wanted to say Thank You. for this advice on how to trade with a break out strategy.
    I’m pretty new to Forex trading and have been learning some methods here and there.
    But the stuff you have been sharing on your site here is Great man! You have really been
    helping put a lot of new pieces together, to become a successful investor in the Forex trade
    business. I’m also looking forward to when you reopen your Forex course ,let me know,I am
    one of your subscribers ,Thanks. Have a good one and God bless, Jeremy

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