Forex Coaching

Forex coaching

Hi my fellow trader friends,

This is my first post for the year 2013. Wow. It’s sure late!

I had been busy over other things and didn’t had time to make a post. SORRY!

With that said, i’m back now.

Many guys have been asking me on my personal forex coaching which was closed earlier.

I just couldn’t find the time to spend 8 hours a day teaching 1 person.

With that said, i have come up with a new coaching system that i can accommodate my time to at a cheaper rate.

More info can be found here: Forex Coaching

That’s ALL!

Forex Coaching

Remember, i can only take in so much students at 1 time. Book early to secure a date.

For all you know, i will be closing it anytime soon again.

This is your chance to tap on my knowledge and experience.

I will analyse your trading style, patterns – tweak it and come up with a customized trading plan for you.

You will not get a personal forex coaching from a forex fund manager at such prices Ever.

Talk Soon,
Ezekiel Chew

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