Forex trading pair: cad jpy h4
Everyone knows how to trade in a trending movement. Be it either long or short.
However, it is those who knows how to trade in consolidation / ranging markets that are the ultimate traders.
Take a look at this pair cad jpy.
Market in a current consolidation move.
We have learned how to draw the important price pivots which we teach in our group.
With price pivots plus price action.
It is just trading from point A to point B. Not a guessing game anymore.

Point A is the highlighted box under the pin bar.
Point B is the bottom price pivot. That is the place where price will see some support. No guessing here at all!
Point A to Point B = 130 pips.
Simple trade.

How NOT to be profitable when we can trade in consolidation / ranging markets and when the market moves in a trending motion.
Thats our BIG BONUS! Woo!

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    Good trading strategy

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