Ezekiel Chew is a highly regarded Forex coach and trader. He is the CEO and the chief trainer of AsiaForexMentor - the leading forex education company in Asia.

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It’s a fact that there are plenty of challenges when it comes to Forex, and I’m sure that most of you that are reading this have come across these challenges. For example, have you ever paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend Forex seminars and workshops thinking that you would learn the key to success, only to lose it all? Or maybe you are one of those traders who have made good money in Forex with splendid trades and winning streaks, but then you eventually lost it all?

If those two examples sound like you – believe me, you’re not alone. There are many who have invested 5 digits to “learn” Forex trading but have not managed to reach Forex success. Instead, they lost a ton of money and are back to square one.

I’ve been there, done that…

About me

I grew up in a family of six with two sisters and a brother. When I was young, we had a serious financial setback where we have to live from bread to mouth. Through the tough years, it honed my character into wanting to achieve big and more importantly be financially free. And never to be in such a financial state anymore.

I started to learn about making money, which brought me into the investment world. I began to read about all the various investment vehicles. The more I read, the more I became interested in it. I began to research other “paper investment vehicles” such as stocks, mutual funds/unit trusts, commodities, stock options/warrants and eventually… Forex. In fact, Forex sparked my interest more than the others. This is probably because my dad always warned us about stocks, telling us to keep away from them. After all, he didn’t want us to become like him or struggle like he did. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m glad my dad was so adamant about staying away from stocks or I wouldn’t have chosen Forex trading as my route.

That was only the beginning…

I spent two years reading and researching about Forex trading. Even though I was a kid and worked part-time, back then there weren’t any forex seminars or much courses, I practiced trading on my virtual account. Nevertheless, the route I took was rough – or challenging, but the challenge is what kept me going. I devoured all of the available strategies and systems that were available at that time. I kept practicing, failing, learning and practicing – and finally, after another year went by… I was consistently profitable.

I struggled for around two years, and probably because I remembered how my family struggled when I was a kid, I kept going. Perhaps it was seeing my family’s financial turmoil that inspired me to keep moving, keep pushing forward. Of course, those two years were tough, but very memorable. Even after I became profitable, I never stopped learning. In fact, learning is the key to success in Forex.

It took me 42 months. Forty-two months to earn my first pot of gold in Forex. To some, 42 months might seem like a long time, but remember, I was still studying full-time and I spent all of my remaining hours trading. And since then, I have never looked back.

This is why I founded Asiaforexmentor in 2008. I want to show all of the Forex traders out there that with determination and perseverance, you can do it too. After all, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon – I started Forex from scratch, but with leveraging and compounding, I made it possible.

Take your time and browse through the wealth of information in this site. It documents my success and mistakes I made along the way. We are here to grow, learn and share.

When you think it’s possible, It’s Possible.

– Ezekiel Chew

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