Forex Strategies: Picking the Right Entry

In the chart above – Forex trading pair: Gbp UsdWe can see that on the left hand side of the chart, the pair is making a down trend.However when it hit the bottom and started making “Higher Highs and Higher Lows” (marked by the pink circles).It is an indication that the trend has possibly changed into a uptrend.And you can see that price is making a channel upwards (marked by the red lines)
Therefore in this scenario. Most newbies will still presume that the trend is down, but however with our knowledge gathered above.We know that the trend is changing and is possibly making it’s way up.Therefore we will now take trades that are going UP and not trades that are going DOWN.As taking trades that are going down would mean that we are trading against the trend.

Forex Strategies: Picking the Right Entry

So at the final circle that i marked on the right hand side.It indicates a possibly good entry for us to enter long.
Forex Strategies Reason 1 – It is in an uptrend
Forex Strategies Reason 2 – It is at the bottom of the channel
Forex Strategies Reason 3 – There is a price action – bullish outside bar which indicates a bullish movement up.
Therefore, it will make sense to us to take this trade and it has a winning probability of higher than 50% with the reasons backing the trade.
Lets look at what happened next.

Forex Strategies: Picking the Right Entry


Price indeed made its way up to the top of the channel and beyond.In fact it went all the way up to the 150 moving average.So what you can learn from this simple trade example is:
– How to determine a trend change
– Drawing channels
– Entering at the low of the channel with price action entry
– Taking your final profits at the top of the channel.
So in this scenario even though that it went beyond the top of the channel and to the 150 moving.We will still only take profits at the top of the channel as we do not know that if once price eventually hit the top of the channel – Will it turn back down? or head further up?So that is a question mark and when we trade we do not want to take the risk of earning more profits BUT to eventually lose it all.
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See you on the other side my friend,
Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
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  1. Tomek Reply

    Thats a nice one, I feel like everytime you put out a new post it keeps sinking into my brain that much more.

    Thanks Ezekiel

  2. jony Reply

    now gbp drop back to low 1.6093. can we still can say that the price is making a channel upwards?

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi Jony,

      Now that price has reached passed 1.6093. It has broken the previous low and all time recent low.

      So we can safely say that the trend has changed and is no longer in the channel upwards.


  3. Tomek Reply

    Hahaha I just made all the money back that I invested into the Forex course OVER NIGHT!!! Thanks EZ, you really opened my mind!



  4. Mary Reply

    You are such a great teacher.i thought i would remain dumb and stupid about forex esp how to make an i know it depends on the teacher and you are such an angel! God bless you more! Thanks Ezekiel! More power to you! You are the answer to my prayers…

  5. adam Reply

    How much you charge for advance trader course?

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi Adam, I’ve only 1 course which covers from basics (core fundamentals of trading) to advance strategies. It’s via 2 methods – the live seminar or the home study program which is the recording of the 2 days live seminar edited for home use.

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