I would like to share a question that someone asked me recently.
Question:i am having a problem and pls help to solve it.. when learning Price Action and after knowing about each and every bars nicely, i cant takeeven a single trade.. like always i feel that something is wrong and i amturning back.. likeways i cant do trading and cant even take a singletrade.. in confluence, i cant find a signal, when signals comes its not inconfluence :-( … hope u can advice something..

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Hi ,
Actually it is a good thing. You have learn to become picky in trading.You are frustrated now because there are few A+ trades around withconfluence. And it is a true fact. But when you spot it, you know its a good one.

So what you can do is to decide on whether do you want to take only the A+ trade or do you also want to include AB trades but with a lower rate of success.

But my advice to you is, do not hesistate when you see a good trade.Follow your gut feel at times. If you pick good trades consistently, by trading lesser is not a bad thing at all. And in fact, it will grow your account way bigger and faster than you would taking any other trades.

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