1. What is this all about?

www.asiaforexmentor.com is about sharing the How’s and the Why’s of trading successfully for over 14 years. What will be included in the live forex trading seminar | course in singapore is the lessons i have been through, what i have learnt and paid throughout all my trading years – compiled into a package. It includes price action use by banks and institutions, forex trading strategies and forex trading system that i have used over the years to profit consistently. How to trade yourself manually without the use of robots or untrustworthy alert signals sold elsewhere. It is a true life, fully practical forex trading course.

2. I am totally new to forex? Can i learn it?

Yes definately, the stuffs that i put in are made simplified even for your kids to learn. I strongly believe that if one cannot make something simple, he does not truely understand how to do it. Yes again, total zero knowledge of trading is not a problem here.

3. I am a experience trader, is it worth my time and money?

No question about it, the forex trading strategies & system i teach are the absolute essential for every trader to become profitable. Even if you have your own trading formula, by adding and applying what i am teaching you. I am 100% sure, your trading will improve by miles.

4. What does the forex trading course consist of?

It includes all price action materials, forex trading strategies & system that i personally use to trade live daily, making it easy as ABC. Anyone can learn it.
Different forex trading strategies to apply on different scenarios.
System that i have developed among the years.
Money management
Risk management
Trading Psychology
How to trail your profits and let it run
How to remove your emotions in trading
How to cut your losses
A simple formula for you to learn and understand the market what it takes years for traders to learn

To top it up, i will reveal my 5 Super A trades inside and the Road to Millions Formula (Not Revealed Before) That alone will allow you to increase your net worth by many folds.

5. I’m not based in singapore, do you have a online course?

Yes there are a huge number of our members who are not based in singapore. And we have crafted out a unique physical Home study Program  for you. Do email us for more details.

Any other questions, do email us at admin@asiaforexmentor.com