1. What is this all about?

www.asiaforexmentor.com is about sharing the How’s and the Why’s of trading successfully for over 17 years. What will be included when you work with me one on one is a special 3 months program that I’ve specially crafted out through my years of teaching people. It is the lessons i have been through, what i have learnt and paid throughout all my trading years made into this special 3 months mentoring program.┬áIt includes price action use by banks and institutions, forex trading strategies and forex trading system that i have used over the years to profit consistently. How to trade yourself manually without the use of robots or untrustworthy alert signals sold elsewhere. It is a true life, fully practical forex trading mentorship program that you will not get anywhere else.

2. I am totally new to forex? Can i learn it?

Yes definitely, the stuffs that i put in are made simplified even for your kids to learn. I strongly believe that if one cannot make something simple, he does not truly understand how to do it. Yes again, total zero knowledge of trading is not a problem here but in fact welcome as you come with a fresh piece of mind.

3. I am a experience trader, is it worth my time and money?

No question about it, this is a specially created mentorship program by me personally, where I’ll personally tweak you coupled with the special program I have instore for you. The forex trading strategies & system I teach are the absolute essential for every trader to become profitable. Even if you have your own trading formula, by adding and applying what i am teaching you. I am 100% sure, your trading will improve by miles.

4. What does the One on One Mentorship Process consist of?

To put it a note, Ezekiel does not accept anyone. Prior to acceptance, there will be a phone call first. This is to ensure that we are a good fit in order to create this relationship together.

Ezekiel will explain the mentoring process with you personally and customize accordingly with you.


5. I’m not based in singapore, does the mentoring work worldwide?

Yes, and in fact, this mentoring process is conducted with the advance technologies we have today through live video coaching and through the various other support I provide.

The mentoring works regardless where you are. That’s the good thing about trading forex as well, we are not bound by any country and we make money even when we are travelling. Just a laptop and a internet connection.


Any other questions, do email us at admin@asiaforexmentor.com