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The Same Platform That I Use

What if I tell you that not all broker charts are the same? And that the trading platform that I use will give you an advantage over the rest?

Accurate Charts, Safe Withdrawal & More

from the testing of MANY different brokers

Throughout my years of trading, I’ve open and tested many different brokers. Different brokers have different opening and closing hours. This result in the charts looking different as their bars are closed at different timings. Through tons of testing, I’ve found the trading platform that works best. It’s by far the most accurate chart I use and I strongly recommend it. And that’s not all…
What we are looking for in a broker is also one that doesn’t screw you up. Meaning to say that even if you are a fantastic trader and make lots of money in trading. What’s the point if when it comes to the withdrawal of profits, they give you tons of delays and excuses? So to save you time and money, I created this page to link you up with the broker I use.


The above is just my opinion and not a recommendation. It’s just something that I use. Conduct your own due diligence before you download their trading platform.