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Asia Forex Mentor

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Want to Learn How To Trade Forex?
We’ve Trained Thousands of Retail Traders LIVE In Cities Throughout Asia And Also All Over The World Through Our Popular Online Forex Trading Course

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Behind the Scenes, We Train The Traders Working In Banks, Prop Trading Firms and Fund Management Companies


Who am I?

My name is Ezekiel Chew and you may recognise me through my appearances and talks in Forex trading expos and events around the world. I’m frequently consulted and sought after for my forex market opinion.

I’ve trained bank traders, forex traders working in trading institutions, investment companies and also impacted thousands of retail traders lives. Some of my students started from being completely new to forex trading to becoming a full-time forex trader. Some went on to become fund managers themselves.

My proprietary trading system has generated over millions of dollars for me and my students who are not only based in Singapore, but worldwide. I have coached and mentored students and corporate clients from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Hong Kong to Europe, UK and USA. You name it, I’ve taught them.

This includes trading forex, stocks, indexes, commodities, crypto, gold, silver and more.

This isn’t millions of dollars in capital and less than 10% in annual growth. No, we also talking about some extreme growth cases that have taken thousand dollar accounts to hundred thousand dollar accounts. Using these trading methods to help thousands of rat racers shift their money-making gear into full throttle and cut short the time it takes for financial freedom.

why choose

We know what it takes and how to make money in forex trading.

Regardless whether you are a new trader who wants to make a serious income from trading either forex, stocks, commodities or indexes OR if you are a fund management company with a high AUM looking to increase your ROI. Our high success ratio is proof in itself that what we do for individuals & businesses like yours works.

Asia Forex Mentor’s ROI-focused trading approach is SO ruthlessly effective…

That we are frequently quoted as the final learning destination for traders.

On a normal day, there will be 3 out of 5 traders who come to us having some good years of trading experience.

They typically have already attended various trading seminars and also online courses. However, profitability is still evading them.

We are here to put an end to this endless learning madness. Because trading isn’t about having some fanciful trading strategies or names. Trading is just about making more money than your losses. It’s as simple as that.

Our approach to trading is built on that fact to achieve a higher mathematical probability of winning and ‘out-edging’ the market using our proprietary system.

It’s a bold statement. But we know from our research and results exactly that what we say is true. We will out-edge the market – Every Single Set

We know exactly what we need to do to make that happen. Financially. Strategically.

Down to the dollar.

Asia Forex Mentor has just a sole focus of generating profitability and ROI for our clients.

We have the set of exact know-how of what to do in any situation. Harnessing different kinds of tweaks and advice – customised differently to every individual client. Nobody is the same, hence there’s no same trading approach for everyone. This comes from close to 20 years of trading experience…all of which is put at your service as an Asia Forex Mentor client.

When I say I know my stuff, and I train the professionals, it’s true. Because it’s not often you hear of a trader who makes 6 figures a trade.

Here’s a published example of how I turned 950% in 2 weeks. Part 1

1 month later, with a capital of $24k, I turned it into $300k – That’s a 1250% return on investment. Part 2

Here’s another example of a forex trade I took that made $159,432.25 in a day

And another example of me making $100K during Donald Trump Presidential Election within hours

Working with us is — and I’m not bragging when I say this — probably the smartest way to make your BEST ROI growth you ever had.

Because you are not just getting an average trader or trainer who makes 2, 3, 4 or 5 figures a trade. You are learning from a professional forex trader who actually makes 6 figures a trade.

That makes a whole lot of difference…

“Ezekiel’s ROI-driven approach is very different from the one used by most trainers. It is a scientific, numbers-driven way of beating the market that is not taught anywhere.”

Raymond Wong
(Newbie turned full time trader – A mentee of Ezekiel Chew)

So when I say I know my stuff, I truly do.

The best part?

The way that I trade, it’s so systematic that all vehicles that have a chart are the same to me. So I trade forex, stocks, indexes, commodities, mutual funds, cryptos and more. The vehicle doesn’t matter as long as it can make you money.

Once you learn the way I trade, the next time somebody tells you about a certain forex pair, stock, mutual fund, commodity, etc., you can just take a look at the chart and have a good idea of where the market is likely heading, why, and what advice you would give them in terms of whether to buy, sell or stay out of it.

This skill will become second nature to you but, most importantly, you now make good money from it with minimum hours while spending the rest of the day doing the things you actually enjoy.

I’ve recorded a video where I’ll give you insight into how systematic the way we trade is and why when we say that 5% a month is not only possible but actually achievable even if you are a losing trader.

And it’s also a good video to watch if you are interested in being a student of mine so that you know who you are learning from.


Because our entire trading approach is ROI focused

Most trainers have it wrong! They focus on forex trading strategies, how the market moves, the latest upcoming news… but you can’t take those to the bank. I am a ROI and profits driven forex trading coach | consultant specialist that often turns $1 into $3. Below are my renowned proprietary forex trading course that have turned completely new traders with zero knowledge in trading into full-time traders and fund managers



Learn to trade the market with precise price action – where you can ‘predict’ and understand where the market is heading to and why. High probability winning strategies for you to trade any vehicle – forex, stocks, commodities, mutual funds etc. Our proprietary winning system – backed by mathematics and profitability… the same one we use to train the banks.

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Want to sit behind a professional trader and watch how he trades? See the way he thinks and read the live market? Look at his trade setups every single week? There’s no better way to learn trading than to be able to see how your mentor trade and trade inline with him every single week. Your learning curve is so much faster. The value: Priceless

“Made $70,000 in 1 year after AFM program.”


“Made 30% growth in 40 days after AFM program”


“Get ready to learn from one of the World’s Most Successful Trader.”

Sam Manning

“Profit USD$30k – USD$65k in just two month after AFM program.”



Before you make any commitment, I want to give you a gift as an introduction on what you will be learning from our proprietary forex trading course. This is a 5-part system on how to make really big money in forex trading. And I’m giving it to you completely free. If anything, you will learn the insights of trading and how you can actually make money from it.



We have generated over millions of dollars via trading with the 5 part system outlined in this free training. Download it now before this page comes down or when I decide to stop mentoring.

Either way, download the free forex trading training I’m giving you above.

You will enjoy it. It’s my way of thanking you for being on my site and reading so much (I know it’s long, but I want it to be comprehensive enough).

After which, when you are ready, I highly recommend you take up my ultimate forex trading course where you will learn my proprietary forex trading methodology and ‘sit behind me’ every week and watch how I plan my trades for the coming week, my thoughts, my opinions on the market, what trade setups I’m looking at, where do I plan my entry and where’s my profit target. Every week, we also go through the trades we took last week. This is as best as possible on how you can learn and make money from trading together with me.


Step 1

Download the free forex trading tutorial that I have given you above. It’s my gift for you even if you don’t take any action. At least it will teach you how to trade forex, give you an insight on forex trading and if it does open your mind to it. I’ll be more than glad.


Step 2

Join our renowned professional forex trader course – One Core Program, this is the one that has changed and impacted many lives for the better. If you are interested in wanting to learn and master this money-making skill. This is the package for you.

To mastering a money making skill for life,

ezekiel chew asiaforexmentor

Ezekiel Chew
Founder & Head of Training

We are honoured to be conferred the following titles:

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