Why Asiaforexmentor Academy? I'm the coach behind the main trading teams of Banks and trading firms. Apart from coaching commercially, I've also personally mentored retail traders like you and turned them into successful full time traders, fund managers and create a lifestyle of greater freedom...

Dear high achiever,

I’ve been exactly where you are: looking to build a 2nd income or even a main income in order to achieve the financial freedom that enables me to do the things I actually like (instead of getting restricted by a day job that takes all the time away). Having the time to spend with my love ones and to live the life of total freedom of doing what I want, when I want without the worry of money…

…and I’ve learned from 17 years of trading and 11 years of coaching that I could have accomplished my goals many years earlier by simply trusting the right expert to help me.

AsiaForexMentor Academy is created because I’ve also discovered that most people are stuck reading articles, randomly applying strategies learnt somewhere, and continuing the perpetual cycle of information consumption… rarely making the progress they hope for.

Are YOU ready to actually learn how to trade the professional way, less the stress and emotional burn, minimize the risk and getting actual solid R.O.I, not settling for measly returns of 5%-20% a year where people are saying it’s great? (I mean, how can you retire or create a substantial income stream if your return is only 5-20% a year? Unless of course you put in millions into your capital at the start! But how many have millions to begin with?) and … to make this game of trading into a consistently profitable business that requires little time a day.

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