Train the Traders

At AsiaForexMentor, we pride ourself as being the experts in this industry and are frequently consulted and engaged by trading companies to train their traders. Our clients include prop firms, trading institutions, fund management companies and banks. Being the forefront in the industry and having worked with various trading companies – We are confident in delivering a solid training program to your traders.

We provide training in the following genre:

– Complete training seminar for your traders (1-3 Days)

– Training on specific topics (Chart reading, Emotion management, Market outlook, Technical analysis etc.)

– Annual traders boot camp (To revitalise and prep them for the coming year)

– Customised training (Let us know what you need, and we will work it out with you)

For training enquires, do email [email protected] (Title: Train the Traders) and our expert will be in touch with you shortly.


 Trader’s Review & Advisory

There’s nothing more important than plugging the leak. Even a small leak when patched will result in a tremendous return over time. Every trader can benefit from having an expert to review their trading. We will work with the trader, find the leak or leaks, discuss with the trader the best method for them to fix it and work with them to ensure that it wouldn’t reoccur again.

For Trader’s review and advisory, do email [email protected] (Title: Trader’s review) and our expert will be in touch with you shortly.


Forex Brokerage Consultancy

Being the forefront in the forex industry and having worked and consulted with various forex brokerages. We have not only crafted out various successful campaigns to grow their business. We are also the strategic advisor that works directly with the CEO to grow your client base and increase your ROI with tremendous speed. 

Reach out to us and we will work together to grow your company to the next level.

For Forex brokerage consultancy, do email [email protected] (Title: Forex brokerage consultancy) and our expert will be in touch with you shortly.