Asiaforexmentor Celebrates 10 years!! 

The AFM story started in 2008 when close friends who knew of me trading asked me to teach them. And slowly, that small group of friends started to grow bigger to a point where I had to transition my teachings online. 

The online teachings with this small group grew into a little community. Bit by bit, I learned what works, what doesn’t. Fine tuning my teaching approach along the way. This little online community began to grow and I started to teach physical live classes. 

Being someone who doesn’t teach often and coupled with referrals. That small live classes grew in sizes. Banks and trading institutions started approaching me to coach their team. (yes, I’m proud of it :) )

Asiaforexmentor wouldn’t be what it is today had it not been for your kind support throughout these years. I know of many who are also following on the side and during festive seasons – they will kindly send me greetings. I truly appreciate that. These are the little things that keep me going. Thank you.

Yes definitely, the stuffs that i put in are made simplified even for your kids to learn. I strongly believe that if one cannot make something simple, he does not truly understand how to do it. Yes again, total zero knowledge of trading is not a problem here but in fact welcome as you come with a fresh piece of mind.

No question about it, the AFM Signature Masterclass program is a comprehensive program that I did with a fine group of students that compromises of new and very seasoned traders. This masterclass program is professionally recorded so that you will feel like you are in a classroom setting and I personally edited it for home study which includes the direction and work to do before progressing. This program is painstakely created with the understanding of how people learn and how to apply the knowledge taught for maximum effectiveness.

The AFM Masterclass program covers the fundamentals and technicals that every professional trader should incorporate in his/her trading. All the way from my 5 Super A strategies, the business behind trading to the system of profitable trading and most importantly, the road to millions formula. The forex trading strategies & system I teach are the absolute essential for every trader to become profitable. Even if you have your own trading formula, by adding and applying what i am teaching you. I am 100% sure that you will increase your trading profitability by miles.

First of all, I focus on Price action. That is the core of all professional trading. With price action, the “Gurus” will be smaller. And in that small group of “Gurus”, I have had countless of students who have been through their programs and they all come to me eventually.  I guess the biggest difference is my style of teaching and sharing of what works and what doesn’t work in the real live market. Most teachers uses screenshots in their teachings, but I only use live charts.

The AFM Signature Masterclass program is a masterpiece of Price Action teachings of what works and what doesn’t, coupled with my done and tested system of trading profitably. 

I don’t just teach theory, but the real workings in the live market and what goes on in the background of a professional forex trader. Essentially, on how does he make forex trading into a proper business.

Lol. I get that alot. Of course not. In fact, I have many foreign students who became close friends of mine. 

I’m also frequently invited to speak, consult and train traders all over the world. These include retail traders, banks, hedge funds and trading institutions.

Any other questions, do email us at [email protected]