Forex Trading System – Damn i just missed this trade!

Forex Trading System
It was just yesterday when i was watching this trade and intended to enter it long.

I was just waiting for the bar to close in around 5 mins time.

However, nature calls! Damn i had this terrible tummyache that needed immediate release. lol.

so off i went. (you do not want to hear the story in the toilet)

When i was back around 10 mins later.

Bang! The trade i wanted to enter shot right up.

It would have been a great profit.

Forex Trading System – Damn i just missed this trade!

Have you had similar experience happen to you before?

Where you wanted to enter a trade and for certain reasons you didn’t. And then it shot right to your direction you wanted.


Yes! This happens and will still continue to happen.

However, it is really such a normal thing that comes once in a while that you should not take this “Missed Profits” to heart.

I know some traders really take this badly and they will like “ooohh. it ruin my day, that would have been this much profit” And they will start swearing..

Please don’t do that.

Forex Trading System – Damn i just missed this trade!

This is part and parcel of forex trading.

You win some, you lose some and you miss some.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

Because you know that if you can spot that trade, you will spot others too.

This stuffs still happens to me and i’m immune to it.

You should never take any wins too happily, any losses too seriously and any misses too hardly.

When you are trading forex.

You are like someone who have put on a bulletproof vest.

Impenetrable! (in terms of emotions)

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See you on the other side my friend,

Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
Asia #1 Forex Mentor

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  1. Rod Reply

    Wow great comment ,I try and think of trades in blocks of 20 so it takes the pressure off me to worry about one trade.I also try not to worry I missed taking your 5 % a day system because I was stuck in a shit job and missed out.Iknow if I could do just .5% per day I would not have to worry about chasing big dollar jobs that don`t fulfill me and leave me stressed and exhausted.I guess using you course one could practice on forex tester to gain confidence and aim for such goals.

  2. hunny Reply

    Trading is just like waiting for a bus – if you miss one, just wait for the next one to come No sense chasing a moving bus.

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