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Want me onboard your business? (I’m not taking any equity)

If you want to partner with me and have me onboard YOUR business. This is the CRAZIEST deal that I’m offering. Just $15k for an ENTIRE YEAR WITH ME. I can easily charge $15k a call. So this is really a 1 off deal. And you only get it here in this page, not anywhere else.

My wife says I’m mad to offer my entire year for just $15k. I think I am. But I really like doing this, and it’s my way of really moving lives. So if you are truly keen in working with me. Schedule a call with me with the APPLY NOW button below. Please do not come on the call with me and tell me that you cannot afford the price. Because this is the lowest I can go, which is why I got a 3 month payment plan for you as well. So you have to act fast and schedule a call with me at my earliest timeslot. Because for obvious time and effort reasons, as much as I want to, I cannot take in too many people for this partnership.

So click on the APPLY NOW button and select your earliest timeslot to have your call with me before all partnership spots are taken up.