The Opportunity of our era - Do you want to be in?

The opportunity of our era is here. There was dot com bubble, followed by the boom of gold and silver and then came the boom of crypto. The next big wave has arrived. The time is now. Do you want to be in?

I’m opening this Exclusive Crypto Masterclass opportunity right at this period before the crypto ship sails. This Private Crypto Masterclass covers the exact details on how to get into this opportunity.


You will get access to the masterclass program right away once you register. The program is a special recording that I did with a small exclusive group of AFM members a couple of days back. I’ve decided to open this opportunity to new members for a limited period before the ship sails.

Why the Rush? The reason is simple, we simply have NO TIME TO WAIT. I’m looking at the technical charts now, I tell you. You need to be here right now. I have also briefly explained the fundamental reasons in the video above. My friends, if you want to get in on this opportunity. It is NOW.

The truth is, people who are seemingly “lucky” – Wow, you bought crypto at the right time ~ or wow, you got into the property market at the right time. Luck my friend is when opportunity meets preparation. The ones who prepare and take action when the opportunity arrives are probably called “lucky” afterwhich.

My friends, our time to be “lucky” is here.

What is covered in the crypto masterclass 

4 full hours of power packed information that allows you with full information and exact know how to prepare for this opportunity.

In the program, I’ll go through this huge opportunity in detail:

 What is crypto, what is bitcoin, block chain etc

Where to buy and How to buy

What to buy, The alt coins that I’m going in

The security you require to protect yourself

My personal portfolio, how I’m diversifying

My entry triggers (I will dive the technical charts with you) so that we get in at the right time, the best price possible

My exit targets (alot of people failed to capture profits during such runs, we have an exact plan/s for this)

How am I going to manage it along the way (trade management)

and so much more. 

You will also be part of this exclusive private crypto group where we will have this whatsapp group chat to support one another. I will also be in the group and provide updates and actions I’m taking as the market moves. Going into this jungle alone can be quite a scary thing, but going in as a group and together with me. We have a higher chance of making the better decision along the way.

Cost: $900 sgd nett. (no recurring fees)

If you are ready, let’s get onboard on this incredible journey together. I can tell you, it’s going to be fun. And if it works, we will all be adding extra millions to our account. If it doesn’t work, well~ We will have a good laugh and know that we were there and we tried.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor of any kind, and what I’m sharing here should not be considered financial advice. Investing in crypto-assets like the ones we are discussing is extremely volatile, speculative and risky. There is a very good chance that 90% or more of these assets will eventually become worthless, just as most startups did back in the early days of the .com boom. Should you decide to put money into this industry, you should consult a licensed financial advisor first, and more of all, you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose. You should only invest in speculative money that you will be willing to lose. If you are not a mature adult who can do your own diligence, and take responsibility for your decisions, then you should not be watching this video, or making any kind of investment in any market.