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I will keep this post short as you already know the importance of risk management and correct calculation of your lot size.
If you have not already read the past 2 series of risk management.
Here’s the link to read it first:
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Professional Forex Tool

If you have been trading for a while. You know how troublesome and time wasting it is to do a correct calculation of the correct lot size to enter.
Many a times, by the time we have finish calculating the right lot size. The trade has already gone its way.

So we have missed out on making money in that trade.
We do not want that to happen.
As good trades do not come often, and if they do come. We want to get in it!
Fast and correctly (in terms of lot sizing)
That’s the reason why we need to have a tool that INSTANTLY calculate the correct lot size to enter.
Being a forex trader myself, i have faced the hassle and the above situation many times.
And that’s the reason why i have decided to create a tool for myself to use.
I have been using it for a while now and i will like to release this tool to the public.
But first, to my loyal followers @ Asia Forex Mentor.
Here’s the link to see the power of it and to get it:
Professional Forex
To your success,
Ezekiel Chew
P.S. I’m so confident that you will largely benefit from it and love the tool so much that i will give you a no question ask 60 days money back guarantee to just check it out.
Here’s the link again:

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  1. a Reply

    sizing cal is based on what? available capital or available margin? can i fix my risk $ instead of %?

    is this a mt4 script? any support provided for bugs?


    • Ezekiel Reply

      It is based on balance. Not margin, not equity.

      Balance is the safest way for leveraging and compounding, we have trial and tested the results for all 3. And balance works best.

      No we do not have a fix risk $. The reason behind % is that, as your account grows, your lot size grows with a % of a higher balance in your account. -> This is the compounding effect.

      If your account decreases, your lot size traded will decrease as well.

      It is of upmost importance by using this method so that you can grow your account at the fastest pace with compounding and at the same time lose less money if your account size decreases.

      Yes it is a mt4 script.

      And yes we will provide support for bugs.

  2. marcus Reply

    where to buy this tool?
    how much?

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