This July 2019, we are opening up our intake for our traders recruitment. 

It will start with a part time traders program. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a new trader or an experienced one. Once selected, training is provided to you at no charge. We will sponsor the training as we will like you to learn and trade with our trading strategies & system.

You will be required to start a mandatory live account of $1k usd with the brokerage house that we use. Do note that this $1k funding belongs to you. We do not hold your money. The funds are deposited into your personal trading account.

When you are selected to be part of our traders program, we will match your $1k deposit – 1: 1. Meaning, when you fund your personal account with $1k, we will match it with another $1k as our commitment to you. Therefore, instead of $1k, you will be starting the account with $2k.

This is a selection process as we want to recruit the best traders out of this batch. As you trade along, we will monitor your trading report every 3 months to track your trading progress. 

After 6 to 12 months, Progressing/ active traders will be moved on to our next tier of advance traders where we will train you further with our advance training. This advance training is fully sponsored.

For advance traders who are able to show a consistent trading success (min 3 months), we will recommend and setup a leader account with our broker for you to have people copy your trades. You are paid for every trade a follower copies. We will then help to broadcast and recruit followers for you with our marketing and network.

Proven leaders will be part of our prestige traders where we will engage you to manage our company funds

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