We are looking for people who has access to the internet to work from home.

Brief Job Scope

Email Marketer (Affiliate Recruiter)

You will be task to generate emails from the internet (guidance will be provided) and to converse with them via email & skype.

You will be recruiting them as an affiliate to promote our products. It will be a win win scenario for them. Eg. when they sign up as an affiliate, they will be paid for every product they sell.

You will be paid for every successful affiliate recruited.

You will also get a cut from the sale your affiliate makes.

It will be a real simple job where you can work at the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you will do daily.

mass emailing of people to join us as an affiliate.

converse with them when they respond via email or skype.

when they sign up, you get paid $1usd per recruitment. (you get 100 affiliate in a day, you get paid $100usd a day)

When your affiliate sells just 1 product, you get paid $25usd per product. If he sells 10 product in 1 month. You make $250usd. And that is just from 1 affiliate.

If you have hundreds of affiliate, you will be making a whole lot more. And once an affiliate is sign up under you, you will be making money for as long as he promotes. if he promote for 5 years, you will be paid every month for 5 years from just the work you done earlier.

Do email your resume to admin@lifeofatrader.com
Email title – Affiliate Recruiter

We are looking for 20 affiliate recruiter. Only shortlisted personel will be notified.