Forex Trading: Nzd Usd Monthly chart
In this forex trading Nzd Usd pair, we shared in our group to take note of taking it down due to the monthly pin bar that reinforces the strength of shorting.With that in mind, we zoom down to the daily time frame for confirmation and to spot for entries.

In the daily time frame as shown above, 2 price pivot is shown clearly by the white lines. I have drawn the arrows that indicates the previous support and resistance in the area. Therefore with the monthly pin bar that tells us to take it down. And the price action bearish outside bar as highlighted by the blue box at the price pivot area. It is an almost perfect entry.

If we played the daily time frame, we would have entered on the close of the bearish outside bar and the stop loss at the top of the bar. Target profit is at the other price pivot marked by the white line that is in confluence with the 150 moving average.
Your risk reward ratio would have been at 1:1.5. Still not too bad.

And if we wanted to watch for a better entry for a better risk reward ratio. We go down further to the 1hr chart.

In the 1hr time frame as shown by the chart above, the blue box indicates several pin bars which are all pointing down which did not exceeds the previous bar high on the 3 dec 2010.

And if you have entered on the pin bar in the 1hr time frame, your risk reward ratio would have been another WHOPPING 1:15 !

This is a quick example of yet another one of our TOP DOWN APPROACH which yields Great and Reliable Results!

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  1. Robby Reply

    Good job EZ :) I didn’t get the outside bar on my fxxd feed.

    • Ezekiel Reply

      yea it could be the broker difference. which is why i have 2 different broker for chart reference. not necessary though.

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