Learn FX Trading -> Your Forex Work Station

Learn Fx Trading
Many fx traders are always busy finding the holy grail. Largely because they are still not making money in forex trading.
Or to put it blatantly, they are losing money!
So they push it all to failing to find the right forex trading strategy / forex trading system.
It may be true.
But they probably also missed out a seemingly unimportant factor.
Their work station.
When i first started trading, of course i didn’t had my own study/work room.
I had my television, computer, bed, snacks .. everything in the same room.
So as you can see.
The ENVIRONMENT is already not right for trading/ working / studying..

Learn FX Trading -> Your Forex Work Station

Learn Fx Trading
I used to always had my television on at the same time whilst my trading.
There were so many distractions in place.
I could not really focus on trading nor being able to detect what went wrong in my trading.
Is it because of my emotions?
Is it because i neglected a certain point in my forex trading strategy?
How can i tweak my trading to better?
All i did was to trade and trade and trade.
And i did not had the time, nor the energy to focus on what was going wrong.
So this seemingly small issue: My work station
Is actually an important issue that one needs to address.
With Little Distractions.

Learn FX Trading -> Your Forex Work Station

Learn Fx Trading
Preferably – You have a room solely for working / trading.
You then will need to have a good solid working chair. (arm chair) – Well, you are going to sit on that chair all day long, shouldn’t you have a proper chair so that your posture & comfort is not an issue in the long run?
You need not have tons of multiple monitors. Depending on your forex trading strategy. Usually 2 – 3 monitors is more than enough.
You make it clear to yourself that when you are in the working room, you work, you trade, and you do not do other crappy useless stuffs that will practically waste your time away. eg. surfing through facebook
You are ALWAYS THINKING! ( I can’t stress how important this is, probably i will write an article on this topic alone)
One of the major factor that attribute to my success is that i am ALWAYS THINKING.
I am always thinking how to make things right, make things better.
I am always thinking of new ideas, rationalizing them.
And eventually putting them into action.
So guys, if you take my word for it.
Starting revamping your workstation now!
You will see the difference!
Learn Fx Trading
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See you on the other side my friend,
Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
Asia #1 Forex Mentor

4 Responses
  1. Paul Reply

    Thanks Ezekiel, I get it. So important.

  2. Joel Reply

    Thank you Mr. Chew. I look forward to working with you soon sir.

  3. glenn aka COD Reply

    Hey Dr. I have to personally agree with this. I too was in a situation where my goals and intentions were good, but there was simply too many distractions. And one of the biggest is having a relationship. If you dont talk to your partner about what you are doing and why and how important it is to leave you alone for a few hours a day and dedicate the rest to them, IT SIMPLY WILL NOT WORK!!. besides that, yes. Make your work space as an office and have a office atmosphere. only then can you start to think and do trading the right way. i believe this is 50% of trading just alone!. if your not doing that, your not even on the right track on the get go, and that is one tough hill to climb. bout 40% grade and your crawling a mile and trying to reach it by nightfall, good luck.

  4. Gary Reply

    GREAT article Ezekiel! So true… Get focused-Get pips!

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