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Dear Fellow Investor... imagine having been able to predict that the UK would vote for Brexit when all the pundits – even passionate Brexit campaigner, Nigel Farage - thought the UK would vote against Brexit.

As a consequence, you would have been perfectly placed to enjoy massive profits from the subsequent dramatic drop in the GB pound against the US dollar when the vote for Brexit, whereby the UK will leave the European Union, was announced.

And just picture making $100k from correctly predicting the temporary stock market slump following Donald Trump‘s election.

Sound like a stretch?

Well I actually correctly predicted – and profited handsomely - from both these trades.

What’s more, the investors who acted on my prediction walked away with nice profits, too – including one who made $10K...

nash tsen

“Congratulation Ezekiel, hope you're well. I'm one of your students and followed your weekly analysis closely. Happy to hear that you've achieved another $100,000++ profit on Trump's victory. What I've gained is only 8-9% of your profits, thanks to AFM!

Thanks and regards, Nash”

Hello... my name is Ezekiel Chew and I have been an investor since I was 16 years old. I did not come from a wealthy family and none of my relatives were investors.

At that time I had been working in a supermarket for about a year and, that taste of corporate life, made me determined not to waste my life on the job treadmill.

I believed I could make a good living as an investor because my earnings would not be limited by the number of hours I could work – unlike a job.

So I took my savings and started to trade.

You can probably guess what came next, because I promptly lost my capital.So I carried on using the salary from my job to fund my investments. Slowly and surely I made money – only to lose most of it again.

So I made a vow - a bargain with the universe.

If I ever managed to ‘crack the code’ and become a wealthy investor, then I would reach down and extend a helping hand to my fellow investors, helping them step off the job treadmill and up to a better life of financial freedom.

Well, the universe answered. Because one day, when I was in a McDonalds restaurant...

It hit me what I was doing wrong

You see, McDonalds are the biggest sellers of hamburgers in the world, simply because they have a fool-proof system.

And because every operation from cooking the burgers to wiping down the tables has a finely tuned system written in idiot-proof steps in an operator’s manual, it allows them to employ even inexperienced college kids and yet turn out a consistent product in all their restaurants anywhere in the world.

So I realised that operating the way I was (and how most other investors operate too) was a recipe for disaster.

So I reverse engineered what I was doing and then spent many painstaking weeks creating my fool-proof system based on the business behind the trades.

No magic or ‘luck’ required

Because my system is based on the business section behind the trades it produces consistent, reliable results where the winning investments heavily outweigh the occasional investment that fails to perform.

Which is a good thing, because, unlike traders working for banks or hedge funds, I have always traded with my own money – just like you probably do.

And so ‘safety first’ is always my prime concern.

Yet, despite being ultra-safe, my system has allowed me to become financially independent.

But I’ve never forgot the promise I made to help my fellow investors.

But here’s the thing

It’s one thing to become and great investor. And quite another to be able to teach others to become great investors, too.

Fortunately, I not only have the knack of unearthing good investment opportunities, I’m also blessed with the knack of conveying that knowledge so good folks, like you, can benefit handsomely – like my existing students...

“The Best out of the last 10 courses I’ve attended” Maggie Hiew
“Be prepared to be blown away by the Best in the industry” Zac Kee
“Get ready to learn from one of the World’s Most Successful Trader” Sam Manning
“Profit USD$30k – $65K in just 2 months after AFM program” Royston
“Made 30% Growth in 40 days after AFM Program” Casey
“Made $70,000 in 1 year after AFM program” Amardeep
As you can see, these good folks are delighted with what I showed them and the advice I gave, so I’m going to do the whole thing again.

Where and whenI’m holding a one day forex, stock index and gold summit, here in the beautiful tropical garden city of Singapore on April 23, 2017 between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Who is this Investing Summit for?

Pretty much anyone – whether a seasoned forex trader, stock market investor or gold trader looking to take their investing to a whole new level.

And, if you have yet to start investing, then this master class will immediately set you on the right road and avoid much wasted time and money trying to figure it out for yourself.

And, unlike many of those two hour ‘preview’ seminars, this will not be a disguised sales pitch. Instead it will be a whole day of solid, actionable content.

What will you learn?

The red hot core of this investing summit will be my insights into the possibility of an upcoming financial crash and how you can not only protect your investments, but actually thrive in these uncertain times by knowing where the money is and how to trade it.

These precious insights alone will be worth the price of admission, but there’s more – lots more…

First off, I’ll also be teaching you how to read charts like a professional trader. Price action is king in chart reading, and I’ll be teaching you all about price action. When you master price action, you can literally read any chart thrown to you.

And have a full understanding of why the market is up, down or sideways and where is it likely heading. With that knowledge, you will have greater insight and confidence to have a higher accuracy in trading.

Apart from that, knowing all about the business section behind investing or trading is the cornerstone of my very successful investment career, I’ll devote a good part of the day to that.

This is something most traders or investors don’t do, they just focus on entering and exiting trades. Although that is important, if you forget or neglect the importance behind the business of trading. This business can’t be sustainable in the long run. This is in fact, the most important aspect behind any kind of investing or trading.

I’ll also lift the hood and show you what a successful professional trader, like me, does on the backend. Ever want to know what does a professional trader do behind the glory you see?

I’ll reveal what I do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, including my step by step planning and analysis. If this is something you want to know, or to see the life of a professional lifestyle trader/investor. This is it.

I’ll also introduce you to my recommended broker whose arm I’ve twisted to get a really cracking deal for you. You don’t get these deals else where, it’s only in this summit where I’ve managed to convince them to give it to you.

And to make the day a really fun event, I’ve arranged for a prize draw and a handsome guy. me. ;)

It all adds up to a very special and life-changing day for you.

So just imagine your golden future

I’m very sure, even if you are a veteran investor/trader right now. You are going to gain golden nuggets from this event. I’ve personally coached many seasoned traders/investors to tweak and improve their current ROI.

And if you are new to trading or investing. This is for you. The knowledge you will gain from this event is worth millions in my opinion. You will have a great insight into the world of investing and trading, and you will be more than ready to embark into this new career and business.

I reckoned myself as a lifestyle trader, because I don’t risk my health by staring at the screen all day long. I only trade less than 2 hours a day. Usually even lesser. But because of my unique trading style, I do not miss huge and golden opportunities. And that’s where the money is. I’m going to show you all that in the event.

Once you start to invest my way, you can look forward to a better life from the one you might be living right now.

So what will you do with your new found wealth?

Perhaps you’ll reward yourself for being smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity by paying cash and driving away that top of the range vehicle you’ve always coveted?

Or to simply have a good dinner with your close ones and know that you have secured yourself a new income stream.

Or will you have the will power to keep piling up all your treasure ready for that wonderful day when you tell your boss what to do with your job?

Either way, a whole different way of life is about to open up for you. So I’m really looking forward to making it all happen for you by sharing these powerful secrets with you on April 23.

You might probably be thinking this right now

Because, being a shrewd investor, you can easily see how, with my different approach and cast iron track record of success, this summit can well be the turning point you’ve been searching for. But you’re concerned the entry fee will be beyond your budget.

Well, it might when you consider the value of a seat is $697. It’s a full day event loaded with powerful nuggets that will take you into the inside of professional investing/trading.

But I’ve thought long and hard. I want to impact as many people lives as I can. Having said that, there’s a limit to the seating capacity of the venue.

I’m going to give out FREE tickets for early birds especially AFM members and subscribers who have been following me all these while. It’s time we meet or meet again (if we have met before).

But once those free early bird tickets are gone the ticket price will be $97 – still saving you 600 bucks – but why pay even $97, when you can act now and get in for nothing?

Do note spots are limited like I said, there’s only so much people the venue room can hold. But Please Please.. do redeem your ticket ONLY if you can attend. It will be a sad for me to turn down somebody because all seats are taken up but yet only to realise the person who had reserved his/her seat didn’t turn up on the day itself.

So do help me out on this.

Bring your team, family or friend!

Provided you get on board, right now, your early bird ticket will allow you to bring a relative or friend. This is particularly valuable because you’ll have someone to discuss the knowledge and tips with later. I’ve parents and children team, colleagues, close friends, relatives coming along together.

Investing/trading is a business that can be a fun and income generating hobby. It is especially more fruitful when you have someone to discuss with and bounce ideas off together. I can’t emphasis this enough - for someone to kick your butt when you are slacking or to share a great tip with you. That’s the joy of companionship.

    “9.8% up in 1 week after your training. The best 2 days of any forex course.” Capt John
    “Made 100% profit using 100% price action in 2 weeks” Mulia
    “Made $70,000 in 1 year after AFM program” AMARDEEP

You now have a crystal clear choice

You can either carry on as before, making modest returns while bright new world of bigger returns is yours for the taking.

Or continue to hold off investing because you fear failure, despite my system being as fool-proof as you’ll find anywhere.


You can breakthrough and understand just what a profitable, yet safe, investment this system of mine is and go ahead and secure your early bird ticket now.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to make the right choice, so I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person on April 23.


Ezekiel Chew

Private Investor and Investment Mentor

P.S. I only have a very limited number of early bird tickets and they are going fast.

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I’ve spotted the Brexit, and the Trump election. (just to name the recent events)

Come and hear what will be next and how you can profit handsomely from it. Like I always say, the biggest money is made in times of disaster. The time is now.

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