Many people are asking now. With the recent gold drop.

Should i buy gold?

Being a forex trader for many years. Gold is one of the pairs that i do trade with.

Let’s have a look at the chart above. click on the image to enlarge the chart.

If you do not already know. Gold is marked as the symbol XAUUSD in forex.

I have drawn a red line at the 1523 level.

This is a very significant level for Gold.

If you look at the left hand side, you can see that the level is a strong support level and it has rejected the price 3 times in the last few years.

When such a significant level happens, and if there’s a break in the support line.

It shows that the market has taken a downturn and is no longer in an uptrend.

Gold Drop – Should i Buy Gold?

This is what exactly happened to Gold – XAUUSD

Just days back, gold closed below the red line.

When that happens, you will know that the uptrend era for gold is over.

Right after it closes below the red line, the next bar drove it all the way down.

With gold now at 2011 prices. Is it a good time to buy gold?

Be it physical gold or forex trading?

My answer will be no. (now note that i may be wrong here, just posting my opinions on what i see in the charts)

When price has broken the red line. The bull run for gold is over. And we should not expect gold to rise up sharply within the next few months.

At it’s best, it will be in a side ways trend.

Look at the weekly chart above. Gold stop right close to the 365 moving average (depicted by the white line)

That is what’s holding it back. And it should hold it for a while.

And if it does break below the white line.

BYE BYE gold! (this may be bad news for people holding gold. But you got to face the fact my friends)

Gold Drop – Should i Buy Gold?

That being said, it is not wise to buy gold at this moment in time.

Wait to see what the market will do.

A good place to stock up gold is when it goes to the 800-1000 level mark. (if it does go there)

In the long run, gold is STILL a solid asset. But if you buy it now and if it plunges to the 800-1000 mark.

You’ve got to hold your gold for quite a number of years before you breakeven.

Talk Soon,
Ezekiel Chew

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  1. Afendi Reply

    Thanks for the analysis. Do you use MA365 for other currency pairs?

  2. sam Reply

    Thank You Sir, what a great article i was planning to buy gold but on the other side i was double mind that may be it will drop more so by reading you article i am convinced that i will hold for a while when it drops further more to the levels you specified i can buy than thank you very much for your kind help , God bless you

  3. Carlo Reply

    The reason of Gold dropping is that all big players are exchanging USD for Gold (private us reserve) because they know the dollar is a bubble worth a shit. The price drops until they all get their portion of Gold then it will rocket up that their Gold reserve gets value and makes rich richer. Those situations happens often before market crashes?
    Buy when it hits real bottom and get rich with them. It needs patience.

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