25th & 26th February 2017 in Singapore

AsiaForexMentor 2 Days LIVE Masterclass Agenda
Day 1
Professional Chart Reading with Price Action
Chart reading is the number 1 skill to master in trading. With the chart reading that you’ll be learning – It will enable you to read almost any charts – be it forex, stocks, indexes, commodities or mutual funds etc. Price action is the king in chart reading. When you learn this section, you are already way beyond 90% of the traders out there.
The Real Business behind trading
Professional trading isn’t what it seem in contrary to what most of the traders are doing. Entering the trade based on gut feel, speculation or even strategies. There is a proper business system behind every professional trader, banks and trading institution. Trading isn’t speculation, isn’t gambling, there is a actual business process behind it if you want to do it professionally and consistently. This section alone will make you even more profitable if you are a current trader, if you are a new trader – you will see why your friends aren’t making money or as much as they should.
Chart and Platform setup
We will be configuring your charts and platform to be the exact same as mine. The tools we will be using to help us take trading to be as little time as possible (1-2 hrs a day or less). This is one of the many hands on session which will ensure that you are ready to rock immediately!
How to enter and exit a trade professionally
The real way to enter and exit a trade. By ensuring minimum risk and capturing maximum reward. How to react to the live market and set your profit and stoploss area professionally with a 2% risk or lesser and with a profit of 3% and more.
Super A Trades Strategies
After you have learnt all the above, then would you be ready to enter into my Super A Trade strategies. I’ll be covering 3 of the 5 Super A Trade strategies on Day 1. They are simple and easy to understand but yet extremely powerful. It will make absolute sense to see why my strategies work so brilliantly in any market (forex, stocks, commodities etc), any chart as it’s how the market move and how we react to it. That’s the key difference in trading. Alot of trainers out there show you screenshot on how a specific strategy works great. But in actual live charts when you return home, it turns out differently. That’s because it isn’t reacting to the live market, it’s just a strategy that works perfectly at that screenshot. But that doesn’t happen all the time. The Super A trade strategies I’m covering works in all scenarios as we read the market and react accordingly to it on when to get it and when to get out.
“The Best Forex Trading Course out of the last 10 Courses I’ve Attended!” – Maggie Hiew
Day 2
Recap, Revisit, Reinforce
This morning we will be recapping and reinforcing the golden nuggets we have discussed yesterday. Through this session, it will embed the things we have covered into you – Into your subconscious mind, making it part of you.
Super A Trade Strategies Continued
I’ll be continuing my 5 Super A Trade Strategies to cover the other 2 of them. These strategies are the actual ones used by successful traders to reap consistent income from the market. All of these 5 Strategies are gold. Master just 1 of them, and it will feed you and your family for life.
Road to Millions Formula
Now here’s the moment you have been waiting for. This is where it separates the top 4% traders from the 96% out there. And even in the top 4%, there are the higher tier and the lower tier. This will sky rocket your account size to the next level. Any one who is trading must know this and if you are new, this makes trading so so so much easier yet so profitable. When you learn this, you will see there’s no reason why traders are not making money and why they aren’t making as much as they should.
Traders Test
Now it’s time to show me what you have learnt! Through this session you are going to experience trading live when you are at home or office. The trades you are going to take, how you are going to enter and exit it and a whole lot more. This is where you can truly see yourself trading the methods taught with live charts.
Professional Trader Backend Planning and To-do List
Ever wanted to sit behind a professional trader and watch what he does backend? This is it.

I’ll be showing you what i do on a day to day, week to week, month to month basis. You will see exactly how i treat this as a business and the things i do behind. These backend preparation will make my trading hands off and stress free. You will see how i only take the best of the best trades and execute them with ease when they comes.
Watch me do Live analysis
After I’ve planned what I’m going to do for the month/week/day, now it’s time to see what i do and how I analyse the live charts professionally. You will see how I read the chart like a book, the structured way to look at charts and the analysis behind it. That’s how we can anticipate where the market is heading next and therefore plan our trades accordingly. Extra bonus: You will also get my analysis on the future potential BIG trades where you can profit from.
Keeping on Track and Full overview
Now that we are all set to go, we will go through the full process on keeping on track and making this turn into the main income maker for you. And I’ll await your success story!


I received countless of testimonials and feedbacks stating that what I teach is the Best around. The truth is I don’t know how long more will I continue to teach. I only teach during my free time. If you are really interested about making a difference in your life with forex, then I urge you to take up my masterclass if it’s still available.

Promise me you will spend time learning this valuable information and you will take action. Taking action is very important as I know for a fact that most people buy things with good intentions but they never apply them.
Remember what you are getting is worth way more than all the seminars out there COMBINED!

I have spent a lot of time developing and structuring the course for you and I do hope you can appreciate the work I’ve done.
That said I do really hope to see you in live in person. Because I do know that this information will change your life. It will be a small class, because i want to make sure everyone in the class will completely absorb what i’ll be teaching and will be able to implement it on your own after which. I’m not here to make mass money by conducting large seminars, that’s not my intention because i know that out of these large group sessions, less than 5% of the whole group will truly get it and succeed after which.
Some years back, trainees’s of mine pay a ticket price of $10k a person per seminar. It was a intensive session jammed pack with powerful yet simple to understand forex trading strategies. Many have become full time forex traders afterwhich. Years later, my concept of money has changed and i no longer teach it for money. It’s more of fulfilling my mission to touch & change the life’s of the people i meet.
You will be learning the same life changing session and the same strategies that i taught to the trainees in the $10k group. However back then, i didn’t reveal out my 5 Super A trades as at that time i felt it was my rice bowl. You know how master’s do not reveal their most powerful secret to their students, i had that thinking at that point in time. I was selfish. Years later, i view life differently. It’s time to impart my knowledge and experience to people who are really keen to change their life. When i see such a person, i will give in my all.
With the knowledge and skill set that you will learn:
– You can be a fund manager and manage money for your clients. The clients will find you, you won’t be searching for them
– You can trade for trading firms – When you have acquired these great trading skills, big and small trading firms will start looking for you (not you to them)
– You can trade on your own in just a few minutes a day. Spend the rest of your time enjoying your family and friends
– You are entitled to pass this skill and knowledge to your children and grandchildren. But you are not allowed to teach this commercially. You should respect the time that I have put into structuring this forex course and you are bound by copyright laws.
Once you have attained the wealth you have desired with my methods, I do hope you contribute to your community with charitable works.
SEATS are VERY Limited

Do note that I rarely hold live classes. And they are usually pre-booked in advance. I’ll be teaching Personally LIVE in Singapore on the 25th & 26th February 2017. You are required to bring your laptop along as we will be personalizing charts on your laptop itself. As i mention before, it will be a highly personal session where i’ll make sure everyone in the class will be able to implement & trade on your own confidently after which.
I look forward to meeting you and we will have a time together. I know you will surely benefit from it. I await your success story and your thank you card.