1 on 1 Personal Coaching, Advisory & Tweaking



$680 Basic – I’ll provide a 20 minute consultation on your trading

$980 Standard – I’ll provide a 40 minute consultation on your trading

$1080 Premium – I’ll provide a 60 minute consultation on your trading

This is a very Prestigious Coaching session for those who wants to get even closer to the Master Trader – Ezekiel Chew

This ONE-ON-ONE PRIVILEGE COACHING is the highest level of coaching (Ultimate Trader)- It goes beyond the basic & advance level.

Only students who have completed my masterclass program (live seminar or home study program) are eligible to this one on one coaching. Reason being, you have to understand the core of our trading (price action & chart reading). Only when you have covered that and if you want to take your trading to the highest level, you are eligible to apply.

This is the highest level of trading proven to work throughout the years.


You will be told on what to prepare before our skype call so that it will be an efficient call. This includes logs and recording videos. I will share with you the full details on what’s required.

It will only be held on weekdays, no weekends. Timing will be Singapore timing.

This personal coaching has been CLOSED FOR 2 YEARS. I’m opening it up for a very short period before it’s closed again.


For Registration & Enquiry –
Email: [email protected] (attention to Ezekiel)

Subject Title: 1 on 1 Coaching