Forex Top down Strategy VS Bottom up Strategy (Which One?)


When to use a Forex Top down strategy VS the Bottom up strategy. This video covers the type of forex trader you should be.

For example, A moving average trading strategy can be applied in a top down approach or a bottom up approach. The question will be which suits your forex trading style better?

There are many different forex trading strategies in the forex market. To learn to trade, you have to understand this two main forex trading strategies.

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  1. Peter Reply

    hi EZ… good to see you still covering lessons to teach people how to trade. I personally use both of these strategies. Bottom Up or Top Down, both are good, depending on which setup
    comes first. At the end of the day, confluence is the one that we should be looking at.

  2. Erik Van Moerkerke Reply

    Nice explenation. Thank you.

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