Forex Trading for Beginners (Questions & Steps – 2018)


If you are a beginner in forex trading and looking to embark on this brand new career. Do go through the questions and steps mentioned in this video on how to trade forex for beginners.

Forex trading is an exciting journey, sometimes too exciting for most people. The money you can make in forex trading is very lucrative, and it seems really amazing especially for beginners. But truth to be told, forex trading is one of the hardest vehicle to learn how to trade. However, when done right. This foreign exchange market currency investment vehicle can reap you one of the highest returns in the market.

Here are the links that are mentioned in this video:

1. (learn to trade the market for beginners)

2.… (Forex mini university – Free) This is where i share my stories, my mistakes, my failures, my successes and articles on what works and what doesn’t work in my forex trading journey. It includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis, forex trading psychology, forex trading strategies.

3. Forex trading brokerage link:
This is the forex broker that I use for my chart reading. Throughout my years of trial and error, this is the forex chart that works best. Open a demo or live account and download their mt4 platform. And use their chart as reference for your forex currency, stock, commodities chart reading.

4. Forex trading academy – This is where I teach in full on forex trading strategies, forex trading system, my 5 super A strategies, the road to millions formula and many more. Again, this is optional and only if you seriously want to make forex trading a part of your strong income stream.

Learn how to achieve consistent profits trading the forex markets with effective position sizing and money management strategies successful forex traders use.

These are essential Forex trading strategies for forex traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.

Ezekiel Chew is a professional forex trader and the founder of Asia’s leading forex education & training academy – Asia Forex Mentor.

He is frequently consulted by banks and trading institutions for his forex trading expertise.

Thousands of students have benefited and profited from his lifestyle trading method where he tunes forex trading to his lifestyle and not his life around forex trading.

4 Responses
  1. Chodnarin Reply

    It’s really great that you’re producing this kind of VDO. I think entering Forex Trading Business is not that such easy as many people thought, like you said. I’m the one who get started by learning from the internet which is so confusing. There are so many GURU out there which I don’t know who is the real one and which is the right way to be a professional trader. I’m just a newcomer in the Forex and your VDO is quit hitting my brain. Now, I know how to get started correctly and by following your steps I do believe after one year I can be a good trader for sure.

    Thanks for producing a good VDO and please kindly keep doing this since you’re my trusted Mentor.

  2. S.C Cheng Reply

    I am a Malaysian and i am very interested to trade gold. Do you teach us to trade gold? I am new to gold trading and do not have much knowledge.Do you have an office in Kuala Lumpur or a representative in Kuala Lumpur where i can talk and meet up? Kindly advise. Thank-you.

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi S.C,

      Yes I do trade gold. To me – Gold, Silver, Forex, Stock index, stocks etc are just investment vehicles. I don’t have a preference for any specific pair or vehicle, what I’m looking for is which one of them has the setup that has the highest probability of winning.

      We do not have an office in KL. You can send an email to for enquires.

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