Forex Trading Strategy – Catch the Highs and Lows (REALLY?)


In this Forex Trading Strategy on catching Highs and Lows. Ezekiel Chew talks about how exactly should you do it. How most forex traders are doing it the opposite way and end up screwing up themselves and their trading.

In foreign exchange currency market trading, the most common notion that forex traders learn is to catch the highs and lows. It seems really possible and realistic when you are shown a screenshot of the market working.

However the real live forex market is far from theory. It’s definitely NOT easy to identify the forex highs and lows, moreover getting them right at every single time. Chances are you will lose more in the long run if you follow this high and low trading system. The probable better forex trading strategy is to use forex price action together with chart reading to aid you into identifying the right chart movements and to depict when you you enter the trade.

This video covers the pitfalls beginner forex trader makes and how professional forex traders over come them.

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  1. Ace Reply

    thanks for the video. It is really enlightening for beginner like myself. Thumbs up for the great insight n generousity to share unreservingly.

  2. Lee Reply

    Hi, I have been enjoying your video as it is very eye opening for me.

    I like to know you in your video you mention setting the moving average to 150. Is it the simple moving average or the exponential moving average.

    How about your setting for Bollinger and Macd.

    Look forward to your reply.

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