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Stock Market Crash – $159,432.25 in a Day?

I feel really bad to see the stock market crashing and many people getting burnt with the massive selloff in the market. Here’s the s&p chart where we can see the massive selloff.   Right now, the s&p is being supported by my blue dotted line and my orange line which are my Bollinger bands […]

Posted On: 25th August 2015

How to Make Money in Forex

How to make money in forex - asia forex mentor

How to Make Money in Forex When we trade forex, I believe we all want to achieve one thing: That is to make money in forex. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it. However, the fact is, most of the traders aren’t successful in live but they make good money in demo. Why? The answer to this […]

Posted On: 24th October 2014

2 Main Types of Forex trading methods

cmt ppt forex trader asia forex mentor

2 Main Types of Forex trading methods In this forex trading article, I’m going to talk about 2 main types of forex trading methodology. Yes, I do know that there are thousands and if not millions of forex trading strategies out there. And these forex trading strategies are also categorized into these 2 main types […]

Posted On: 14th October 2014

Forex Traders are the Coolest People

Forex Traders are the Coolest People You heard that right! We are the COOLEST people around. You can’t be not cool if you are a forex trader. LOL> What i meant was to have a cool head in trading. Alot of times in trading, we will meet with setbacks. And the setbacks almost always occur […]

Posted On: 19th September 2014

Why does the average forex trader fail?

why most forex traders fail - asiaforexmentor

Why does the average forex trader fail? The increasing number of forex brokers, and the increasing number of advertisements for forex trading courses have made forex trading really popular in the recent years. Many novice forex traders have found it hard to preserve their capital much less talk about profits. But why do many forex […]

Posted On: 16th September 2014

How To Trade Forex For Beginners

how to trade forex for beginners asiaforexmentor

How To Trade Forex For Beginners Alot of times, I have people asking me. I’m totally new to forex Ezekiel, what are some of the important things that i should know or learn before i start trading? Look this guy really have the potential to make it is because most people who are completely new […]

Posted On: 9th September 2014

How to trade forex successfully

how to trade forex successfully

How to trade forex successfully Today we are going to touch on an important topic. Why some forex traders succeed and others don’t and How to trade forex successfully. This not only applies to forex trading but also to everything else. Let’s take a poll on forex trading. How many years or months have you […]

Posted On: 1st September 2014

Forex Trading Article – I am not a gambler

forex trading article gambler

Forex Trading Article – I am not a gambler Alot of times, i have strangers / acquaintance asking me. So Ezekiel, what do you do? You know, whenever i send and pick my kids from school. It’s always the mothers that are fetching the kids. For me, it’s me and my wife. The principals, teachers […]

Posted On: 26th August 2014

Seasoned Forex Trader BIG Secret – Lottery Tickets

forex trading secret lottery ticket asiaforexmentor

Would you like to know the BIG secret of Seasoned Forex Traders? Often you will see seasoned forex traders – I mean those who are making big money from forex trading (not those who are seasoned but not really making a lifestyle) These guys seem really FREE! They have lots of time to do other […]

Posted On: 19th August 2014

How to be a better forex trader

forex trading tortoise story

How to be a better forex trader There are several key points to note for an aspiring forex trader to become a good one and today I’m going to cover what i feel is one of the most important points which separates seasoned forex traders from new forex traders. Seasoned Forex Traders don’t trade the […]

Posted On: 12th August 2014