This is our previous post evaluation on the forex pair: Gbp Aud
Price has today broken the 365 moving average in the 4hr time frame and formed a price action pin bar (highlighted blue box) as seen in the chart below. With such scenario, good chance that price will continue its move up.

Just wanted to point our how we entered and exited on this trade.

We entered on the orange line (marked as entry). Our reason for entry was the forex price action pin bar off the 365 moving average and in confluence with the up trend as mentioned on the previous post.

Therefore we placed our stoploss below the pin bar marked as the red line. The stoploss is around 60 pips.

If you had taken the trade, we would have taken either full or partial profit right at the blue line 1.606. The reason for taking profit at that area was that it was a previous support/resistance area. Therefore our take profit target was triggered with a gain of 180 pips.

Hope the above quick example explains we trade price action with confluence, coupled with a good risk reward ratio of 1:3.

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Asia Forex Mentor,Ezekiel Chew

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4 Responses
  1. James Reply

    Hi Ezekiel, can you show us how you derive the 1.60595 Take Profit level?

    I can’t see this level on the H4 chart.

    Thank you.

    • Ezekiel Reply

      click here to see the chart : forex trading strategy

      You see i marked the area 1.60950. That is our area to look for.
      But remember we always give price some lee way, there we would place our take profit at the highlight blue box marked by the high of the bar. That is our take profit area.


  2. James Reply

    So can I say that you spotted an opportunity to go long this pair on a timeframe (4h in this case) and your Take Profit level will be one timeframe higher – i.e. Daily in this case?

    Or should the entry, stop loss and take profit levels be on the same chart as the chart where opportunity to go long is (4h in this case)?

    • Ezekiel Reply

      We used the top down approach in this case. We wanted to long this pair based on the daily chart. therefore we zoom down to the 4hr to see if there’s price action confirmation.

      You can play by discretion on this pair. Our daily chart is a guide for our take profit area. Therefore we can use the blue box as a guide.

      Other wise there are different ways to take profit. Eg. We can use a trailing stop method to place our stop loss at the 1.6 level. Therefore you would still have gotten profit if the you had set other take profit area.

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