A lot of guys when starting forex are concern on whether do they have to trade intra day. To keep looking at the charts and monitor every minute of the movements.

Well i’m not saying you can’t, however in our group. We trade mainly on the larger timeframes, the weekly, daily, 4 hour and the 1 hour. For beginners, i largely emphasis on trading the higher time frames. Because you need lots of experience to trade the minute charts. And you need to understand the movement of the larger timeframe before you go down to the minute charts.

A lot of new traders when starting forex, trade the 5 minute charts. Soon enough, they got burnt and margin call starts to come. Then they will blow their account and wonder why did that happen.

Even to date, with 14 years of successful trading experience behind me, i trade the larger timeframes and rarely go down to the minute charts. Thats because i like to enjoy a life. and the way i’m trading are also perfect for those that has a full time job.

In our private group, i will show you guys how to trade the forex market with ease with a good win/loss ration of 76% that i am hitting.


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