Forex Breakout System – Follow up on last post – Live Eur Chf Trade

Please read the last post first if you have not already done so.
Here’s the link: Forex Breakout System
On the last trade, we placed a breakout trade on both side.
A pending buy order and a pending sell order.
As we can see from the chart above. Price broke up triggering our buy order.
Our take profit 1 target was just hit in the latest bar (marked by the yellow dotted line TP1)
Therefore, we have now move our stoploss to breakeven for our second position.
Meaning, we are now in a free trade to trail it up if it goes further upwards.

Forex Breakout System – Follow up on last post – Live Eur Chf Trade

And since our buy order is triggered, we have also removed away our pending sell order.
I hope you have gain some tips here as per how do we play a forex breakout system | trade using this live scenario as an example.
I will be continuing to post some live forex trading strategies every now and then.
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  1. ep Reply

    Hi , how do you set your TP1 on the same trade order in MT4? seems like have to do it manually right ? unless you have to separate orders ?pls advice

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Hi, yes you can do it manually. By having 2 separate orders on the same trade.
      So eg. if you risk $1000 on that trade. You can split it into 2. $500 risk on each order.


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