This is one of the fantastic forex trades that i took recently.
Capital Risked for the trade $24k
Profits to date $190K!
950% Growth in 2 WEEKS and GROWING!

This is one of the reasons why i LOVE forex trading so much. A downpayment for another house? a flashy car? or a good meal with the family and friends

I’ll be keeping the trade and trailing it to see if i could make a million dollars out of this single trade.
Just a crazy thought, but a nice one!

And if there is the last bit of thing that you need to give you a kick in the butt for you to enter forex trading, i hope this is it!

I’m not implementing that forex is a get rich quick scheme.but if you know the how’s, it is very much possible and realistic.

I looking forward to seeing you in our group where i teach the full forex system that made it possible –
AFM Winning Forex Course

See you on the other side my friend,

Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
Asia #1 Forex Mentor

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10 Responses
  1. Robby Reply

    Hey EZ .I need a loan lol What is your new bank going to be called ? Maybe EZ first national bank lol Good job buddy. Remember don’t be greedy !!!! Robby

  2. Ojee Bienes Reply



    where in malaysia the class is going to be held

  4. christian Reply

    i cannot find anywhere about the home course cost

    i cannot find anywhere what i will learn

    can you help please


  5. Reggie See Reply

    hi EZ,

    I am interested in your home study course and also the live seminar. Any difference btwn the two in terms of content and effectiveness of how it works?

    Pls send me the details…I am excited!!

    • Ezekiel Reply

      The home study program is the recording of the 2 days live seminar edited for home use. Therefore both is similar. It’s a matter of preference whereby you prefer a live session or one where you can learn at the comfort of your own home and pace.

  6. austine Reply

    pls is there anywhere i can register for your in malaysia?

  7. karan Reply

    why is your balance hidden? how much of an account did you risk lol

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