I feel really bad to see the stock market crashing and many people getting burnt with the massive selloff in the market.

Here’s the s&p chart where we can see the massive selloff.



Right now, the s&p is being supported by my blue dotted line and my orange line which are my Bollinger bands and moving average.


As seen on the left of the chart, in 2011. The market was being held there as well and got rebounded back.

So it does seems that this is a very crucial area for the s&p and the overall stock market.

If it does break through and closes below both of the lines, my guess is the uptrend for the stock market is over. Which means that, it could lead into a financial crisis.

Analyst are calling it way too early for it to be a financial crisis, and they could be right on that.


But if based on technical, and the overall economy. When it all sums up, this doesn’t look good.

In fact it looks real bad.

China the big dog is having a bad time over there, their economy is slowing so much that they have to devalue their yuan.

By devaluing their yuan, this means a lot.

It means that their economy can no longer sustain that their current rate. In other words, their economy is in deep shit right now.


US is in no better shape, all is probably good just on the surface where there are cracks lying deep within.

Europe, we wouldn’t want to even talk about it. Nothing much is really solved for the Europe issue. It’s just that people are closing one eye on it and hope for the best.

It’s going to burst eventually, there’s probably very little chance that Greece can recover. And there are so much more countries in the Europe zone that ain’t doing good that is just not being heavily publicised.


From what I see, this could be the start of a down time in the global markets.


And it is especially at these times where I’m glad I’m a forex trader and not trading stocks.


It’s because we don’t get hit. Yes the currencies are plummeting.

And that’s even better for us, because we can short the currencies and make a huge profit out of them.


Just like a trade I took yesterday where I shorted the nzdjpy.

Currency wise, nzd and aud is highly related to the Chinese yuan. Which means that with the slowing china economy, the nzd and aud isn’t going to do good.

When paired with a stable denominator, in this case I chose jpy. It shot right down big time with the big fall in the market.

nzdjpy asiaforexmentor profit


So I entered at the top red line where It broke down from a sideways consolidation.

And my profit target is at the weekly white line (moving average) and blue dotted line (Bollinger band)

A nice 386 pips.

It went down in a day itself.

Entered 21/8/2015 , exited couple hours later 21/8/2015

Got out for $159,432.25

Not too bad for a days work isn’t it?


I don’t say this to brag.

I want to show people that it’s really possible to make money trading forex, and especially even more so in tough times like the massive dip in the stock market.
As forex traders, we don’t care. In fact, we love it!


And that’s the reason why I teach, some people ask if I teach for the money.

I earn more in a single trade than in my 2 days seminar.

The reason why I teach is because I’m bored. ;)

That’s part of it, but the real reason why I teach is because I truly believe that it’s my mission in life to touch and change people’s lives.

I need not teach, but I want to. That makes a difference.

All in all, my sentiment is that. If you are trading the stock market.

Hold your fire now if you think the stock market may rebound back.

I truly think it’s time to switch over to trading the all-weather tradable forex.


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  1. Norman Cuyan Reply

    Sir, does nzdjpy continues to sell off?

  2. nadine Reply

    I really want to try forex trading but i do not know how to start.how much should be the minimum amount in order for me to trade? can i trade thru my existing stockbroker?

    thanks a lot

    • Ezekiel Reply

      Forex is one of the vehicles out there that has a very low entry requirement. You can start trading forex with a $50usd capital.
      It depends if your stockbroker has currency pairs to trade, but i would suggest you to use a forex broker to trade.

  3. Marc Reply

    Good and genuine tips….Thank you!

  4. golnar Reply

    how to begin and how much to begin bcos i really don hav much to spare day today living.

  5. Ruth Reply

    God bless and keep you, Ezekiel, for helping a lot of people like me. It is such a noble thing to teach and help people earn a living.

    Stay true to your life’s mission and keep up the good work.

    Happy days,


  6. Nonie Vales Reply

    Nice job EZ. I wish I was live and not on demo mode. I could see the big upswing and downswing making some people like you a fortune. I was really being passed by this opportunity as my internet connection had been questionable at best, due to the passing typhoon. Congrats my friend… I still want to be like you someday.

  7. Tony Gui Reply

    Hi Ezekiel. Thanks for your willingness to share your strategies. Looking forward to your posts!

  8. Deepak Reply

    Hi! Ezekiel,
    Read your blog, very uplifting and honestly cant seem to wait for the package to arrive in the mail, so I can get stated. I am a newbie and afraid, hope my move is a good one…

  9. Rey P. Reply

    I am so glad that I attended the May seminar and still with my Live account, have managed to be at least 10% profitable for the moment. It is not much, but at least I haven’t lost money yet. And to think that I only enter one trade per week on average. Thanks, will be looking forward to bigger profits in the days to come.

  10. Aloysius Reply

    Good advice Ezekiel.

    Really hope to get some tips from you in analysing charts in your coming Seminar
    in Malaysia. Thanks a lot.

  11. Vladymyr Reply

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  12. LastRoberta Reply

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  13. Blessing Green Reply

    Hi Ezk.i had in mine to trade forex,which broker is good here in my country Nigeria.

  14. Albert Reply

    I had a demo account in pepperstone and lost all my money because of a virus called antikapitalist, I lost $ 5000 at the time I downloaded the EA’s that I think is of Russian origin, used Metatrader 4, but I think any broker can be victim of an attack, the virus makes operations in different pairs messily leaving hanging your computer without being able to do anything

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