3 More Days to 2011 – Are you still going round in circles?

Just 3 More Days to 2011!!!

Hope you guys had a great year in 2010 and make 2011 an even Greater year.Now let us look back at 2010 and ask ourselves a few questions.

1) What have we accomplished this year?

Do give it some thought here before heading straight down the article. It is very important for us to reflect on ourselves every now and then. This is how we grow and check that we are still on the right track to our goal.

So what have you accomplished this year?

It can be anything, be it having closer ties with your family, your business goals, your health goals, cutting back on some bad habits, your forex goals etc. It could be a really small thing, but if the thing does make a difference in your life. It is Important.

2) What have we NOT accomplished this year?

Probably we set ourself a goal this year to cut on late night snacks/supper but failed to overcome the temptation of food.

So back to the question – WHAT have you NOT accomplished this year?

3) Why did we Not accomplished it?

Was it because you forgotten about it? or you totally didn’t cared about it?

4) What will we Accomplish in the year 2011?

Now this is important, now that we know what we accomplished in year 2010 and failed to accomplished.
We will bring forward our failed goals that we didn’t accomplished in 2010 to 2011.

Retweak the goals that failed – was it too difficult? or its unpractical? Change your goals to a more realistic one.

And finally set new found goals for year 2011.Yes i know this blog is about forex, but forex trading is actually about our the way we live our life. It is about how we think, our character and our actions.

Perhaps, we know we have a gambler attitude. This is what we got to change in 2011.Habits don’t change overnight, it is the positive stuffs we do daily that removes the energy from the negative stuffs.

We are not trying to be superman overnight, what we are doing is to change the nitty gritty things bit by bit.

And that bit by bit will compound to a hell lot in a year, 2 years, 3 years.Our life is like driving a car, if we keep driving without a goal. We will be going in circles and not making any breakthrough.Now if we do not reflect, this circling would be 10 years before you know it.

This is not about race or religion. Let us just reflect on the things we have or have not accomplished in year 2010 and make 2011 a better year!

Cheers to a better 2011!Ezekiel

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4 Responses
  1. alvin Reply

    Thanks, for another great article!

    I will be doing more jogging this 2011! :)


  2. Robby Reply

    EZ your the man with the plan :) Another inspiring article

  3. Kishor Reply

    Thanks for your selfless service. Wish you all the best in forex trading for the year of 2011

  4. colin Reply

    Great article – get’s ya thinking – from the big picture – sometimes we need to step back and look at our life and how our trading seems to mirror it.

    Is my trading becoming better because I am learning to become better at settings goals in relation to my life or vice versa.

    Is my life becoming better because I have to set goals and need discipline, structure in my trading.

    Either way when a person first starts out in trading they have no idea that trading is not just some “get rich quick” it’s a life style. I’d rather get rich slow then go broke fast. Really learning how to take control of ME because of trading can change a person for the better.

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